Symposia and Conferences

British Branch of the International Arthurian Society annual conference

Members of the Centre for Arthurian Studies, both staff and postgraduate students, will be presenting at this conference, to be held at the University of Birmingham in September 2018. The Centre sponsors one of the sessions, and External board member Dr Samantha Rayner (UCL) will present some of her findings from her research in the Archives of the International Arthurian Society, now placed in the custody of the Centre.

Arthurian Legends in Wales and Beyond - Symposium

Building on a portfolio of long-standing international research collaboration, and sponsored by IMEMS (Institute for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Bangor University and Aberystwyth University), the Centre for Arthurian Studies’ day symposium, ‘Chwedlau Arthur yng Nghymru a thu Hwnt / Arthurian Legends in Wales and Beyond’, took place on Thursday 28 June 2018

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Medievalism Transformed

Panels on Arthurian texts were organised as part of this ongoing annual conference series. MA and PhD students working on Arthurian Studies presented, including MA in Arthurian Literature student Sean Ferguson, MA in English literature student Molly Heaton, MPhil in English literature, Cambridge University, Inigo Purcell. Visit the website.

XXVth International Arthurian Congress in Würzburg, Germany, July 2017

Bangor University Arthurian scholars and postgraduate researchers, as well as members of the Centre’s advisory board, presented at the XXVth International Arthurian Congress in Würzburg, Germany, July 2017: Prof. P. J. C. Field, Prof. Raluca Radulescu, Dr Samantha Rayner (UCL), Prof. Andrew Lynch (Western Australia), Dr Alan Lupack (Rochester), Prof. C. Larrington (Oxford); MA students Audrey Martin and Maurita van Droogenbroek.


The XVIth International Congress of Celtic Studies, Bangor University, 22-26 July 2019

Held once every four years, the Congress provides a forum in which experts from across the full range of Celtic Studies — including literature, linguistics, history, archaeology, musicology and art history — come together to share the fruits of their work. Visit the conference website.

Arthurian session at the International Medieval Congress, Leeds, July 2019

A session on animals and material culture in Arthurian studies is co-sponsored by the Centre in collaboration with Dr Renée Ward (University of Lincoln, UK) and Dr Melissa Ridley-Elmes (Lindenwood University, US)

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