International Arthurian Congress

Centre for Arthurian Studies members and affiliated members (staff and students from Bangor University and elsewhere) contributed to the 24th International Arthurian Congress held in Würzburg, Germany this July.

Conference papers were given by Prof. Raluca Radulescu and Emeritus Prof. P. J. C. Field, members of the external board of the centre Prof. Andrew Lynch (University of Western Australia, also newly elected, at the congress, as President of the International Arthurian Society), Prof. Carolyne Larrington (Oxford University) Dr Alan Lupack (University of Rochester), and Dr Samantha Rayner (University College London), as well as by Bangor University PhD and MA students (Audrey Martin and Maurita van Droogenbroek), and a current fellow of the Centre, Dr Rebecca Lyons (University of Bristol).

A special round table organised by Dr Samantha Rayner, member of the external board, and Prof. Raluca Radulescu, director of the Centre, focused on the impact of post-medieval Arthurian texts in their historical and cultural contexts.

At this event Prof. Radulescu showcased the work being undertaken as part of the digitisation programme of the Arthurian collections in Bangor University Library and Special Collections, and in particular the ongoing online exhibition ‘Malory at Bangor and in the World’

Publication date: 10 July 2017