Associate Membership and Fellowship Status

Become an Associate or a Fellow of the Centre for Arthurian Studies

We recognise that many individuals and organisations external to the Centre for Arthurian Studies (CAS) share an interest in progressing our intellectual aims and aspirations. Partnership and collaboration with these colleagues and stakeholders is fundamental to our development.  We therefore offer Associate Membership and Fellowship status as forms of affiliation for both internal and external individuals and organisations who actively support and contribute towards our long-term objectives. We also offer Fellowships to support relevant shorter-term projects.

Associate Membership and Fellowships are offered as means of enhancing our academic reach and collaborative capacity, both within Bangor University and, importantly, through engagement with a network of external partners in other research organisations and sectors (such as cultural heritage and archives).  Our Associates and Fellows will play an important role in helping us to embed the reach of the Centre throughout Wales, and assist in demonstrating the international relevance of our work.

Associate member

Renewable annually, this status offers longer-term affiliation to the Centre. Associate membership is available for individuals and organisations. Individual associate members enjoy library card and email privileges, for projects which benefit the collections and research culture of the Centre. Associate membership is typically bestowed on scholars who spend longer periods at the Centre (e.g., a sabbatical) or local independent scholars. The status is not usually granted in the absence of evidence of scholarly engagement. Individual Associate Members will give a scholarly talk from their research project during term time as part of the Centre's research seminar series, and thus contribute to and enhance the research culture of the Centre.


Short-term fellowships, lasting from a fortnight to a semester, bring the same rights as those of Associate Member, provided access to a library card and email are necessary. Fellowships are intended to assist with discrete research projects related to the Centre's collections. Holders of Fellowships will write a blog or short post on the topic of the research project, to be posted on the Centre’s website, and they will participate, if appropriate, in the activities of the Centre.


Individuals and organisations seeking to apply for Associate status must be able to demonstrate an active contribution towards the fulfilment of CAS’s aims and aspirations: 

  • For individuals this can be in the form of research activity; peer-reviewed publications; HE-level teaching; postgraduate supervision; collection knowledge; and/or curatorial expertise in areas relating to CAS’s intellectual identity.*
  • For organisations, societies and groups this can be in the form of organisational priorities; research activity; and/or curatorial expertise in areas relating to CAS’s identity.  Such organisations may include archives; cultural heritage organisations; research centres and other academic entities; history/heritage societies and community groups.

* All doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, honorary research fellows, visiting professors and professional archivists appointed to work on projects originating from CAS are granted automatic membership. 

Application process

All applicants must complete an application form.  There are no deadlines for the submission of applications. 

A list of Associate members will be published on CAS’s website.

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