P.J.C. Field Visiting Fellowship

The Centre for Arthurian Studies at Bangor University has set up the P.J.C. Field Visiting Fellowship fund in Arthurian Studies.  Through donations, the endowed Fellowship is intended to provide a period of research at the Centre for Arthurian Studies in association with the Library and Special Collections at Bangor University for a scholar whose research is closely aligned with the collections and research expertise in the Centre. It is open to qualified applicants in all fields of Arthurian studies: in the past, visiting fellows have worked on medieval and post-medieval Arthurian studies, rare books in the collections, and connections between our collections and those in other repository libraries.   

The recipient will take up residence in Bangor or its immediate neighbourhood and make use of the collections for a period ranging from one week to three months. They will be responsible for living expenses but, depending on need and available funds, the fellowship can cover partial or full travel expenses. The fellow will engage in the academic life of the Centre and the University, and toward the end of the residency they will usually give a talk arising from the research undertaken while on the fellowship.  

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